Welcome to Loudoun Musical Society

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We are a very energetic society with a diverse membership, including chefs, lawyers, policemen, teachers, farmers and many retired members. LMS has two main strings to its bow; our annual musical production and our year round entertainment with LMS Voices. Both of these provide a great platform for showcasing our very talented members.

Our shows are always the highlight of the year which are staged at the end of September/beginning of October. Although we are very much an amateur society, we always put on a very professional show. This is led by our gifted production team. Mr Neil Warrander, Mrs Mandy Mitchell, Mr Darren Ramsay and Mr Colin McGarva are working tirelessly with the society, and we are sure, as always, they will manage to get the very best out of every cast member for the annual show.

Loudoun Musical Society's other string is LMS Voices. This group of members perform in the community at guilds and other society meetings. This provides additional opportunity for members to perform throughout the year while assisting in promoting the annual show. Within Loudoun Voices there are smaller groups of very talented members such as the McAndrews Sisters. LMS voices have branched out recently from our usual concert repertoire. The concert "Sing", and our recent Cabaret, allowed more members to perform on stage and entertain enthusiastic audiences. We hope that these larger concerts will become regular fixtures in the LMS calendar.

Loudoun Musical Society perform and rehearse very hard, however, I think that they socialise and party harder. We have a very active social life, ranging from car treasure hunts, Halloween parties, theatre trips and general get togethers. This is never more apparent than the week of the annual Show, consisting of up to 5 parties over the course of the week.

We are very outgoing group individuals who love musical theatre and performing in general. I hope that if you have not yet seen any of our performances, that you will either attend one of the LMS Voices concerts, or this year’s show "Anything Goes".

I hope to see you soon.

Laura Hynds